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IQuery Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for IQuery:

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($query=NULL, array $values=NULL)
 addQuery (IQuery $query)
 addString ($query, $hintSpace=TRUE)
 addValues (array $values)
 setString ($query)

Detailed Description

Database query interface

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct (   $query = NULL,
array  $values = NULL 


string$queryinitial query string, optional, default NULL
array$valuesinitial values associative array, optional, default NULL

Implemented in Query.

Member Function Documentation

addQuery ( IQuery  $query)

Adds query object to current query object

IDBQuery$queryobject to add

Implemented in Query.

addString (   $query,
  $hintSpace = TRUE 

Adds string to query object

string$querystring to add
$hintSpacehints use of space prior to appending, optional, default TRUE

Implemented in Query.

addValues ( array  $values)

Adds values array to query object

array$valuesarray to append

Implemented in Query.

setString (   $query)

Sets string query value

string$querystring to set

Implemented in Query.

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