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IConnection Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for IConnection:

Public Member Functions

 __construct (IConfig $config)
 connect ()
 isConnected ()
 disconnect ()
 getFeatureLevel ($feature)

Detailed Description

Database connection interface. This interface is used to define database connection.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( IConfig  $config)

Constructor for the database connection object instantiates the object but does not connect it to a database

$configIDBConfig database connection configuration object

Implemented in Connection.

Member Function Documentation

connect ( )

Connects the object to the database

mixed connection object

Implemented in PDO.

disconnect ( )

Closes the connection

Implemented in Connection.

getFeatureLevel (   $feature)

Get feature support level

mixed feature support level

Implemented in Connection.

isConnected ( )

Checks whether the database connection is active

boolean TRUE if connected, FALSE otherwise

Implemented in Connection.

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