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ConditionGroup Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct (ICondition $condition)
 addCondition ($operator, ICondition $condition)

Data Fields

const OPERATOR_AND = 1
const OPERATOR_OR = 2

Detailed Description

Simple SQL condition group class. This class is used to describe a simple SQL condition group that is used to merge 2 or more SQL conditions or SQL condition groups themselves by SQL operators.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( ICondition  $condition)


ICondition$conditionobject that will act as an initial condition

Member Function Documentation

addCondition (   $operator,
ICondition  $condition 

Adds an additional database condition to the group.

string$operatoroperator used to merge the additional database condition
ICondition$conditionobject being merged

Field Documentation


Initial database condition. Property used to store the initial database condition.


Array of conditions. Property used to store array of additional database conditions to be merged.


Array of operators. Property used to store array of database operators associated with additional merged database conditions.

const OPERATOR_AND = 1

Condition operators These should be used by name, e.g. DBConditionGroup::OPERATOR_AND

const OPERATOR_OR = 2

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